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ThermalWood Canada Inc. is located in Bathurst, on the northeastern tip of the province of New Brunswick, Canada.   We offer a service of thermal modification to all wood species following the paremeters governed by the Thermowood Association.  We have processed a variety of species but we pride ourselves on the expertise that has been developed over the years with hardwoods.


ThermalWood Canada Inc offers a service of thermal modification.  Using a specially designed kiln, wood is heated at high temperatures, essentially “cooking” the lumber. This process changes the characteristics of the wood by improving dimensional stability and the high heat chemically transforms sugars in the wood so they can't be digested by insects or decay organisms.  In addition the process produces uniform darker coloration throughout the thickness of the lumber. This makes it a great choice for outdoor or indoor uses where high humidity is present.  The fact that there are no chemicals added during the process allows the company to offer the consumer a green alternative solution in a diversified market. Custom millwork is also offered at our facility.

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